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Why You Can't Afford To Lose Muscle As You Age

retired older man can't afford to lose muscle with age

When you’ve reached a “certain age” and have experienced enough of the highs and lows that life brings, there’s a question I’m certain I don't have to ask you; if you've ever thought about "losing weight" or "burning fat.” However, as an older person, how often do you think about building muscle?

If you're like most people, you probably don't give your muscles much thought until you pick up something heavy or start a challenging task (like re-landscaping your yard).

But here's a surprising fact: Although building muscle is typically associated with youth and vanity, our muscles play a critical role in our overall health - and aging process.

Here are 7 reasons you should focus on building more muscle, starting right now:

1. You start losing muscle as early as age 30.

Yes, you read that right. And, on average, people continue to lose around 3%-8% of that precious muscle for each subsequent decade... at least until you turn 60 (that's when the process accelerates).

The sooner you begin building your muscle "bank," the better!

Muscle loss is one of the top causes of disability for older people - they become too weak to live alone and are more prone to falls and injuries.

2. You'll build stronger bones.

As with muscle loss, many people start losing about 1% of their bone mass PER YEAR after age 40.

Stressing your bones (when you're doing it healthily through strength training!) will help boost your bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures as you age.

Generally speaking, we start losing about 1% of their bone mass PER YEAR after age 40

3. It can help you manage chronic conditions.

Lifting weights can help you reduce symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and obesity.

4. It can help with fat loss.

If you're trying to lose weight, strength-training workouts are essential - and they can help you keep (and maybe even build a little) muscle as you get leaner.

5. It can help sharpen your thinking.

Studies link regular strength training and aerobic exercise with better brain function.

6. It'll improve your quality of life.

Your everyday activities get easier! Plus, it can improve your balance and protect your joints from injury.

7. It helps you keep your balance.

Again, this can help you avoid slip & fall accidents as you age.

Plus... having toned muscles is great for your confidence and energy level!

If you're ready to build a strong body, I've got something pretty awesome for you today ...

It's a tool you can use to get a great workout anywhere: at home, at the gym, or even when you're on vacation.

It's my Mix & Match Workout Builder, which will help. You create a fast, effective, and results-getting workout in just a few seconds (literally - there's no guesswork involved).

The Workout Builder uses a time-tested "Perfect Circuit" fitness formula that will rev your metabolism (and your results) ... fast! ... while working every major muscle group.

You can grab your copy of the Mix & Match Workout Builder right here.

Plus, many of the exercises in the guide use only a little equipment or take up much space, and there are options for just about every fitness level.

If you have specific medical issues or physical limitations that need special attention, I have customizable programs and personal coaching to provide you with a safe and proven approach.

With my coaching program, you can expect the following:

  • A routine that fits into your time frame

  • Access to the best training practices

  • Coaching that will help you safely achieve your goals

  • A boost in your strength and energy (and dare I say, sexiness?)...

See how it works at my FitClinic office here.

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll start feeling (and seeing) results.

Make it a great day, and keep moving toward a better you!

PS: If you have a friend who would enjoy this guide, please share it with them!


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