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"Every day is an oportunity to move toward a better you."

John Aaron Villarreal Massage Therapist

Hi, I'm John Aaron

Having worked in the health and fitness industry since 1992, my experience and training have given me the opportunity to help a wide range of clients. Particularly, those who have crossed the age of forty…

In fact, I’ve come to personally realize the significant physical challenges faced by a body as it begins to age. This experience has helped me tailor a combination of Online Coaching Programs, Personal Training, and Therapeutic Massage Services (including deep tissue & sports massage) to the unique and individual needs of each client. Thereby providing a way to manage physical pain and improve your overall quality of life.

How my practice developed its reputation for being “the place for adult health & wellness” is no big secret, really. I rely on a very simple but proven process.

I focus on you.


I use a highly personalized approach to help you go from where you are NOW to where you WANT to be; feeling energetic and strong, managing stress, minimizing medications, and feeling confident about your health and body.

From massage therapy and stretching programs, to exercise and nutritional coaching, you’ll get the right plan to fit you.


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