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Every Day Brings A New Opportunity To Move Toward A Better You.

And Today Is The Day When You'll
Finally Make Your Move...

Congratulations! You clicked a button – and in doing so you have taken the first step in moving toward better health - a better you!

Now, that wasn’t too hard. Was it?

The much harder part was probably deciding whether or not you believed I could help you. That's understandable. No one likes to be taken advantage of.

Hopefully you've done some research, spoken with your doctor, asked your friends for advice, or just Googled “John Aaron” to see who I am and what I'm all about.


Or, maybe you just threw caution to the wind and said, "He seems to have a nice face... I'm gonna give this guy a try..."  ;-)


But whatever you did to get yourself to this point – kudos to you for doing it!


It helped you lay the groundwork that lead to your ‘button clicking’ decision

to move toward a better you…

So Let’s Get You Started On Your Journey Toward A Healthier, Happier (And Fitter) Version Of You.

We begin with enrollment into my Monthly Mentor Program
(purchase links and info below)

It’s my most popular product!


You'll love its convenience, program flexibility, and low price! 


Plus, you can add more services or products as you need them, instead of spending more for what you might not use.

NOW… let’s get you enrolled!

To work with me, all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps – the third one is the easiest, I promise!

Step 1 – Complete Your Enrollment Form.


Step 2 – Purchase Your Program Membership.

The Monthly Mentor Program: Is a bi-weekly exercise program in which routines are regularly changed to suit your goals and abilities, and maximize results. The investment for this coaching program is only $60/weekly (billed biweekly) with a minimum 3 month commitment, which includes a downloadable phone APP and 24/7 access to my online coaching platform, your program design and updates, personalized nutritional support, live accountability calls with yours truly, reports and monitoring of progress through the App, and direct, personal email support communication with me. 


Optional "Add On" Services Available Include: live, in person, 1-on-1 personal training, group fitness programming and massage services.

Step 3 – Have Your First Coaching Session With Me. ;-)


Don't worry - we'll start small... Beginning with a few assessments to determine your current strengths and fitness level and gradually develop a simple and safe lifestyle plan of nutrition, exercise and recuperative therapies that will not only improve your energy, health, and overall appearance - but will improve your outlook on life, too.

With the Monthly Mentor Program, you can:

Know exactly what to eat to improve your health, increase your energy and reach a body weight you can be proud of.

Get a NEW customized workout program each month (So you never get bored of doing the same old thing)!


Get as much help as you need, or choose to ‘touch base’ with me for the times you only need a little extra info, encouragement, or advice… ;-) 

Assess your current strengths and easily track your progress as your health improves, strength increases and your body tones up.

Always stay on top of your fitness - Conveniently access and track your exercise, log nutrition, and contact me via your computer, tablet – Or, better yet; use my smart phone app!

When you enroll into this special program, you will receive a breakdown of how to get the most out of our coaching sessions, access to my online coaching platform, a plan for re-design and tracking your nutrition, and the best strategies for implementing exercise into your schedule (With follow-up time to ensure that it gets done).

If you’ve never exercised beforeDon’t panic!

My programs are customized to your needs and abilities.

From the novice to the more experienced exerciser; I promise to take you through this step-by-step as we work gradually and build momentum based upon your progress; one success at a time.

In addition to personal guidance and custom tailored programming, you'll have the optional advantage of accessing additional tools with this program, like;

•  Meal plans 
•  Recipes
•  Food Swap Lists
•  Healthy Snacks List 
•  Convenient Groceries List  
•  Weekly Education 
•  Supportive Emails & Handouts
•  Accountability
•  Motivation and Support

Remember, you CAN do this! 

NOW… let’s get you enrolled!

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