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Can Social Media Damage Your Self-Esteem?

I was scrolling through my Instagram account the other day, just trying to get my motivation pumped. It didn't help much. Yes – even health coaches and fitness influencers are not immune to the adverse effects a quick scroll through social media can have on you.

Research backs my statement up. Too much social media can damage your self-esteem ... You can count yourself a victim to this if you've ever scrolled through social media and felt even WORSE about yourself afterward.

It can be a self-set trap that's especially easy to fall into if you often compare yourself to others – not just the comparisons you make with your friends but also the likes of mainstream celebrities, and health & fitness influencers.

The TRUTH behind plenty of those social media images? They only reveal what is the END RESULT of a long haul of hard work. Probably YEARS of hard work.

So, alright, these folks "might" make it look easy with their carefully curated (and possibly photoshopped) Instagram or FB photos. Some might even make that hard work seem "glamorous."

The fact is, especially with the influencers, that what you're seeing is the culmination of their incredible, day-in and day-out dedication to workouts, meal planning, sleep, and stress management. 

Overnight success is a misnomer. There has never been, and honestly, there never will be such a thing. So holding yourself to that kind of standard is not only counterproductive, it can quickly derail your chances of achieving any lasting success. 

We deserve so much more than that!!! 

So, save this bit of advice for the next time you find yourself scrolling down your preferred media feed. Put on your proverbial X-Ray goggles, and see past the images and bylines.

Don't let others' accomplishments make you feel "less than" or bad about yourself or your body. Recognize the hard work these folks have put into themselves. Allow the "hard work" to be what INSPIRES your focus on the actionable steps you need to work on as you journey down your separate path of self-improvement and success. 

If others have the kind of results you want for yourself, use the same tips, tools, and techniques. And apply the same energy toward your fitness and health journey, as they do ... and approach your goals with the same passion, too! 

Placing yourself in the position of control rather than victim will serve to boost your confidence, build momentum, and give you the focus needed to earn the outcomes you desire.

(In doing this, you may also end up spending even LESS TIME on social media, which probably wouldn't be a bad thing for your long-term self-esteem either.)

I think this approach is a triple-win all the way around! 

However, if that you feel you might need a little help pulling together the pieces of your results-getting plan, I'm here for you. Just shoot me an email –– or sign up for me FREE 5-Day Metabolic Jump Start Challenge!



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