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Healthy New Year... Happy New You...

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, New Year’s resolutions are a good thing. If you struggle to believe that, it’s probably because of a history of failed resolutions. This year, however, you owe it to yourself to become the very best you can be. Not in order to impress other people. You’re going to do it to remind yourself that yes, you can do whatever you put your mind to—you can become a better person. I know that after a few years of failed resolutions, the temptation to keep your plans a secret is tempting, but don’t! Support and accountability go a long way toward directing personal change and if your family and friends don’t know what your goals are, you won’t have their support in your journey.

So whether you want to be more committed to your gym routine, eat better, or finally gain control over your blood sugar or heart health, don’t keep your resolution for a new you to yourself! In fact, why wait for the New Year? Start practicing your commitment to your new self as early as possible! Starting today, find a way to implement new changes into your routine. That may mean skipping dessert one night. Or maybe it’s letting your spouse have the remote control. Then again, it could be chewing on a carrot instead of going for a cigarette break when stressed. Whatever it is, scoring these small victories lets you know that you can indeed become the healthier, happier person you want to be. I will admit here’s a reason New Year’s resolutions are the punch line for countless jokes but there are people, however, who beat the odds and stick with their resolutions. This time around, I want to be sure you are going to be one of them. Not because you’re better than other people who can’t keep from overeating. And not because you’re smarter than people who don’t read a book every month (like you’re planning to do this year - right?). The reason you’re going to succeed is because you want it, and nothing is going to stop you. Setting the Right Goals Before you set a resolution for a new you in the New Year, take stock of your life. Really consider what would give you the best bang for your resolution buck. Already spending more time than you’d like away from the family? Maybe you should resolve to work your way into a position at work that requires less travel. Thinking you need to lose more weight when all your friends think you’re exceptionally thin? Maybe you should work on improving your physical endurance or adding a bit more muscle to your frame instead. Only when you have the right goals can you become be the best you. However, creating change for yourself can be tiring. After all, you’ve spent a lifetime creating the old you, and your old self will not leave without a fight. When your lifestyle changes feel like too much and you’re drooling for dessert, stressing for a smoke, or aching to ignore your family, sit on the couch and stare at the ‘boob tube’ for hours, turn your focus to something fun. Garden in the yard, go on a walk, grab a cup of coffee with friends—just do something you enjoy! When you’re done, your head will be cleared and you’ll again be ready to shed the old you in favor of the new you in the New Year! Remember, if you need help creating healthy changes for yourself, I can help.

I have just the exercise plan for you – one that will not only help you recover from your holiday indulgences, but will help keep you motivated and going strong in the future. If you haven’t worked with me yet, now is the perfect time to start. Together we will get you focused on your goals and guide you toward success with my results-driven method. Simply call or email me today to set up your first workout.

Until then, have a Happy New Year’s Eve and Keep Moving Toward a Better You!

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