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How to Cope With Nighttime Food Cravings

retired man over 40 coping with nighttime food cravings

Today, let's jump in the deep end and take dive into the subject of NIGHTTIME FOOD CRAVINGS and the time phenomenon in which they seem to strike the most … night time! 

I included this topic in my latest Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge. In it, I address the many physical, emotional, and lifestyle circumstances that can induce those goal subverting cravings. (If you're ready, to jumpstart your metabolism for free CLICK HERE!

The biological causes of cravings – including nighttime ones – can happen despite those days when you appear to be performing all the "right" things.

On those days you would notice that you aren't skipping meals. Instead, you're consistently eating balanced meals loaded with fiber and protein throughout the day. You are consistent with your workouts, sleeping well, drinking enough water, and successfully managing stress.

Despite all that, cravings can still show up to wreck your progress. That's because your body's internal clock is wired to make you feel hungry at night. In retrospect, this may have been an evolutionary remnant meant for our ancestors' survival, but it can definitely work toward our detriment now!

That innate "hunger clock" can make the very thought of picking up a nighttime snacking way too easy to put into action.

This is particularly true if you're coming off a time when you've been a little extra stressed, haven't been getting enough sleep, or any number of the circumstances I mentioned previously in this post ... I'm sure you get the point I'm trying to emphasize.

Those cravings seem to kick in at your weakest moment, just as soon as you start to wind down for the night – mainly out of habit.

Here's your fix: You need to give your nighttime routine an overhaul, at least temporarily, until you've broken free from your cycle of craving.

That means if you ordinarily munch on snacks as you watch television … you must do something COMPLETELY different like reading, listening to a podcast, going for a walk, performing a self-care routine, or tackling a new hobby. 

You could also try doing some form of stretching or foam-rolling body-work (always a winner in my book!).

All that's needed to kick that nighttime craving cycle is to rattle your routine. This introduces an alternative pathway out of your old habit and pattern, and into a new, healthier one — a routine more in line with your fitness goals.

You might also be surprised at how a change like this might also provide you with better sleep! Who knows? You might even uncover new and previously unknown interests as you experiment with these changes. 

Give my suggestions a try for a few nights and see how it works for you! And let me know which "change" works best for you. If you have any alternative suggestions that work, let me know that, too!

It's the simple, sustainable changes that can add up to significant results.

Now get out there, have a great day, and keep moving toward a better you!




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