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8 Great Resolutions for Those Over Forty

Remember those younger years when it was easy to celebrate the coming New Year with excitement? Me too. Setting goals and fueling hope for a better year was almost automatic. As I age, however, it seems I’m becoming a bit more reluctant to create New Year’s Resolutions. I blame it on years of failed resolutions in the past. Gather too many, and the “new” of the coming year just lacks luster.

What's the solution?

Maximize the oportunities that the New Year can bring by choosing the ‘right’ resolutions for those of us seeking to improve upon our mid-life years.

Pick the right resolutions and you’ll face the New Year head on, ready to make good on your big plans for better health and a happier life from January 1 all the way to December 31. So, what kind of resolutions can we actually keep this year? Good question! Take a look through the eight resolutions I have outlined and please feel free to add your own in the comment section below. I am sure you will find that committing to these resolutions can help anyone achieve big strides toward health and happiness in 2016: Resolution #1: Don't Forgo The Fish… Giving your health a boost doesn’t have to take an incredible amount of time. With this resolution, it doesn’t even take will power. All it takes is modifying your grocery list by buying fish on occasion. Enjoy fish for dinner at least once a week, and you’ll protect your heart from disease and increase your chances for a longer, healthier life. Go with salmon, trout, flounder, or tuna. Resolution #2: Moisturize Skin most definitely changes as we age. And I'm not just talking about the wrinkles! ;-)

Our skin loses collagen and our sweat glands diminish in number as we age. This can lead to dry, scaly and ashy looking skin. If you want keep your skin from looking like that of a reptile's, its important to add a moisturizer to your bathing routine. After drying off simply slather on a moisturizer you like - and it only takes a few seconds! Be sure to pay particular attention to your neck, elbows and knees. And if you tend to be outdoors regularly; choose a moisturizer with sun block in it for added protection. Resolution #3: Sweat in the AM I think schedules are most stretched when you reach your mid-life years. Career, kids, aging parents and personal relationships occupy most of our time. As such, it can be difficult to find the time for exercise. One way to increase your odds for exercising each day is to get it done at the very start of your day – before anything else. This year, resolve to exercise right after waking up. Trust me, it works! Resolution #4: Swap at least One Meal Did you know that swapping out one of your daily meals for a 1 or 2 scoop protein shake will save a few hundred calories each day while providing your muscles with much needed protein? Most of my clients choose to make this swap for breakfast, since it’s so convenience to shake up some protein powder and water to drink on-the-go as you race out the door to start your day. If you only choose to make one resolution this year make it this one – you’ll be astounded at the quick results this simple daily swap will deliver. Resolution #5: Challenge Your Body I’m not suggesting you do a marathon here (unless that appeals to you), but I AM talking about NOT limiting yourself because of fear. Fear of pain. Fear of injury. I’ve heard it all... even fear of sweating! These “fears” help preserve our daily routine… Routine is sweet, predictable and most importantly comfortable; which is why we sometimes choose to cling to them

This year commit to something new; Water aerobics, a Zumba class, bike riding, or take up mountain climbing. Find someone with the same goal, make a plan to reach the goal, and get started. Once you complete your first goal and see that it wasn’t as ‘uncomfortable’ as you once thought, you may just find yourself setting even bigger goals for next year. Resolution #6: Drink More Drink more water that is (and less of everything else). Your body is primarily made up of water. Keep it that way by sipping on water all day long. Not only will it help regulate digestion, it will improve your energy & fat loss efforts, and help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Aim for drinking 6 to 8, eight ounce cups of water each day. Resolution #7: Stretch Every Day Here’s an EASY one! And it’s one of the best ways to avoid injury, as we age. Take a few minutes to stretch daily. By taking the time to care of your muscles with stretching, you may avoid the displeasure of taking time off for injury recovery. Plus, a stretching routine can double as a quiet meditation time for you to de-stress from your busy life. Resolution #8: Make The Time for The Important People in Your Life Perhaps the MOST important of these resolutions… So many times we get caught up in the rush of “doing” that we crowd out the very people that give our lives meaning; the people we love.

Yes, we are busy. At this age we usually have kids, grandkids, aging parents, a job and housekeeping responsibilities (sometimes all of them at the same time) and the list is endless, but take some time to actually breathe and “be” with the people that matter to you. You may find a renewed sense of purpose and direction when you do, and that can help fuel any resolution you may have for yourself.

There you have it, 8 realistic New Year’s Resolutions to help make 2016 your best year yet.

And the most effective way to ensure that you stick with your resolutions is to become one of my valued clients (yes, a shameless pug for my services. LOL!). But seriously; I’ll be by your side every step of the way as we get you from where you are today to the stronger, healthier, and perhaps thinner person you want to be for the coming years. Call or email me now to get started on my best program!

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