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Beginner Guide.

Because the FIRST step can be one of the hardest steps to take.
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I want to give you a complete roadmap that outlines what to do, how to do it, and when to do it as you take the first few steps of your fitness journey. 
  • Complete 14-Day Workout Plan! 

  • Strength Workouts (no fancy equipment needed)

  • Cardio How-Tos & Workouts

  • Flexibility Guide

  • Plus some of my BEST tips to help you get (and STAY) motivated! 

This book contains everything you need to know (without hype) from how to hone in on your discipline, to getting (and staying) motivated, to learning the right type of workouts you need to be doing.
It's all there for you, and it's all FREE!
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Hey there!
Why am I offering this program and e-book for free?
Because I want to give you a safe roadmap that outlines what you should do to get into your best shape, how you should go about doing it, and recommend the best times to do it, too.
I want to help as you take the first few steps of your fitness journey toward becoming a better you. 
John Aaron
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