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Something For The Guys

As a guy with an ever so 'slight' lean toward vanity (yes, facetiousness here) I appreciate the importance of exercise and what it brings to my life. It helps to burn calories, helps keep my belly from bulging, and it tones my muscle thereby helping me to look my best (although, I doubt I will be winning any beauty pageants in the foreseeable future) However, my vain nature aside, the benefits of exercise are more than skin deep and that's importantwhen you stop to consider that as guys, we statistically die at a much younger age than our female counterparts. That being the case, exercise is serious! So, I don't want you (or me) slacking off on this stuff one bit. Being physically fit not only helps us live longer, better lives by lowers our risk of certain diseases, but it improves our overall vitality and can even help to maintain our testosterone levels as we age. And trust me; that last one provides us with more than just strong muscles and a boost in energy - it'll be what helps you maintain an impressive erection way past the age youngsters think is too old to be having sex. ;-) So....although six-pack abs and bulging biceps are nice exercise rewards, these other healthy-body benefits are where our "eyes on the prize" should be laser focused. Focus on your fitness, and the vanity takes care of itself. Now keep moving toward a better you!

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