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1st Time  Client E-Mail Referral Template

Thanks for taking the time to help me grow my massage client base. Like I  said, all you need to do is "copy" the text below and "paste" it to the body portion of your email and send it off to whomever you wish.
Just make sure you "personalize" it to suit your recipient and personal style.

EMAIL SUBJECT: Thought you might like to know this




Hey ____ (first name),
I hope all is well!


As for me, I just recently got a fantastic massage. So I’m feeling great!


I thought you might be interested in getting one for yourself so I wanted to let you know about a special discount my massage therapist is offering for NEW 1st Time Clients: a 1-hour massage for only $49.


His name is John Aaron and you can call him at 713-562-2474 or email him at to book your initial massage session.


But the best (and easiest) way to book is to do what I did and simply visit his website at to view his available schedule and book your appointment directly online (no credit card needed and you’ll receive an immediate confirmation of your appointment). 


Just be sure to mention my name and that you heard about him from me so that you can get preferentially placed.

Best Wishes,


________ (YOUR NAME)

Please remember to fill in the blanks in the above template where applicable. 
I know how busy you can get so that’s why I provided the aforementioned done-for-you templates to help you help me grow my business and help more people - and you can get a great massage at a great price, too.
Thanks in advance for your help and trust.
I look forward to seeing you again soon, and giving you your reward for every new person you send my way who purchases my 1st timer special offer.
Please remember to make sure you tell them to give me your name so I can make sure you get the credit for the referral when they come in for their massage.
Be Well,

John Aaron Villarreal
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