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Each person has their own time and pace when it comes to losing weight, working out, or adopting healthy lifestyle habits. My approach is a 'whole-istic' one; meaning I focus on your whole-life success, not just the number on your bathroom scale.

It doesn't matter how fit or healthy you are now, or how much free time you have – there is nothing more valuable than living a life you love... 

As a Health Coach, I work with you to find tools & systems that create balance and allow you to focus on enjoying your life while achieving your fitness goals.
Life is tough sometimes and we all experience set-backs.
Because achieving a healthy, happy life requires more than reaching a certain number on your bathroom scale,my job is to help you navigate through the pitfalls and roadblocks that can stand in the way of reaching your fitness goals.
And, my goal is to always remind you of the progress you've already made.
So there's no excuse - you really can create a happy, healthy life...
and have a better body, too...
John Aaron massage & wellness for adults over 40


Well, how my practice got its reputation for being "the place where adults get results" is no big secret, really. I rely on a very simple but proven process.
I use a highly personalized approach to help you go from where you are NOW to where you WANT to be; feeling energetic, vibrant, strong and confident about living in the body you've got.
From day one, you'll get the right nutrition and exercise plan to fit your goals and I'll be by your sideto coach you every step of the way!
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