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Walk Off The Weight

in Just 5 Weeks!

It's True. You Really Can WALK YOURSELF SLIM

This powerful little program will give you the secrets to POWER UP your walking and see weight loss in as little as 5 weeks. Just in time for the holidays!

No matter what your goals — to rid yourself of belly fat, firm your butt, tone your thighs, strengthen your heart, fit into your 'skinny clothes' again, or just to give yourself an overall shape-up — you’ll get step-by-step plans that will help you achieve results.

Plus, you’ll get fat-fighting recipes and meal plans to supercharge your efforts. And you’ll get a 5-week walking log to help you keep track of your workouts and celebrate your success!

Join us on this one month jorney and discover the secret that just may be the EASIEST way in the world to lose extra pounds — especially belly fat.

Because even if you do NOTHING to alter your eating habits, and even if you have virtually NO time to spare for crazy exercise programs …

My 'Thinner by Thanksgiving' Program will help you melt away up to 3 TIMES MORE FAT than regular walking & fitness routines — and IN HALF THE TIME!

No Starvation Dieting & No Harsh Exercise
Means No Matter What Your Age,
YOU Can Do This Program
 — and lose fat for good!

The THINNER by THANKSGIVING Program insures your success by harnesses the awesome power of walking intervals, where you speed up for short periods (to work your muscles, raise your metabolism, and burn fat), and then slow down for a relaxing recovery period.


Routines are as short as 20 minutes, there’s no need for a gym, and there’s no fad dieting — you just walk off the weight faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

Imagine being the inspiration/envy of your whole family as you sit down for Thanksgiving Dinner looking healthy, slim and fitter than ever.

That's what will happen when you join my 5-Week "Thinner by Thanksgiving" walking & nutritional plan and get moving toward a healthier, happier, and slimmer version of you!

Each day you'll be getting better. Improving and making progress.

Each day starting Monday, October 17th, you'll receive a walking assignment, eating strategies, mind and motivation tips, and access to a community of other Locomo Living Members with whom to share your challenges and successes. 

  • The Day-by-Day Way a 5-Week Fitness Walking Plan designed to gently tone and tighten muscles while boosting your metabolism to burn more fat even while you rest!

  • A full 5-Week Meal Plan designed to give you more energy while trimming your tummy. Loaded with fresh delicious recipes and energy boosting menus, it's simple - and easy to follow!

  • Group Walking Events make new friends and maintain motivation by joining others on the same journey. We will meet in local parks for pre-walk stretching and post walk talk!

  • Track your progress online with our Locomo Online Coaching Platform and Smart-Phone App filled with a variety of pre-programmed workouts, a nutritional log, digital dietician and daily fitness tips!

  • Daily Coaching emails directly from me to help guide & motivate you! My small daily tips & tasks will help you stay on track and reach achievable goals by Turkey Day.

  • BONUS #1 Access to my 'Workout Wizard' customizable training system and design additional personal fitness programs of your very own.

  • BONUS #2 - Fully customizable nutritional plans designed via my 'Digital Dietician.'

  • BONUS #3 - Access to 1500+ exercises, including 3D-animated demonstrations and written instructions so you'll always know how to do an exercise right

  • BONUS #4 - Complimentary access to group events and walking sessions

  • BONUS #5 - Compete in fitness challenges and earn achievement badges

Let's be honest: You probably have an image in your mind of what you'd love your body to look like. Thinner thighs, a leaner tummy, flab-free arms … all of the above?

But when it comes to getting the body you've always wanted, you probably also have a voice in your head telling you to dream on... 


Well, you can silence THAT voice for good because this program outlines exactly what you need to do to torch belly fat and stay slim — and I've got plenty of clients to back us up.

For instance; Rebecca Rodriguez, who was 48 and weighed over 200 pounds when she joined my "Thinner by Thanksgiving" community.


There, she loaded up on delicious recipes that helped her melt fat — while satisfying all her cravings — but she also found the support she needed on the days when negative thoughts crept in and tried to thwart her best intentions.


The result? “I've lost 28 pounds!” she says. “And I'm the healthiest I've ever been.”

With my "Thinner by Thanksgiving" Program, personal coaching and smart-phone app, you'll have all the tools you'll need to meet — and even beat — your weight loss goals.
You'll be able to:
  • Trade tips and encouragement with other participants, and get fat-blasting advice directly from me.

  • Learn how to jumpstart your weight loss when you're on the go and at work.

  • Get 5 weeks of dietician approved and tummy-trimming breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans.

  • Get Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes and grocery lists.

  • Learn how smoothies really can make you slim.

  • PLUS - You'll get daily instruction, tips and focus directives from me (like; Healthy Mindset Mondays, Toxic-Free Tuesdays, etc.), Quick Start Checklists, Eating Out Guide... And so much more!

If you're ready to join Rebecca — and the rest of us — to get the body you've always wanted and the support you need to get there, join the Thinner by Thanksgiving Program today!


Your 100% satisfaction is my goal: Join my Thinner by Thanksgiving Program today and not only will you walk the weight off but you can get thin before the holidays even begin!

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